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All of this content (including a new blog post!) is over at now. This will go away eventually so change your bookmarks and all that jazz!




Oh, blogging

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Blog, one day I’ll take proper care of you.

For now, some of my favorite things:

Favorite (Recently Found, though not new) Writing: Why You Should Date an Illiterate Girl (this isn’t what it sounds like…) Thanks to Samantha at Bridges of Madison Ave for sharing.

Favorite word (as it relates to books and movies I love):

ep·ic [ep-ik]

1. heroic; majestic; impressively great

2. of unusually great size or extent

My favorite (recently enjoyed) epic stories:

East of Eden
Gone With the Wind
The Shadow of the Wind
We The Living
Breaking Bad
Battlestar Galactica
I love a good story. Adventure, drama, love, passion, heartbreak, fearlessness, deep. What makes a story great for you?

On the future: daydreaming and where to go

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I said I was daydreaming, right?!

I’ve gotten back to a point in my life (away from the horrid, job-hating oppression of advising) where I have time to daydream. Just a little bit. Back to a place where the possibilities of life are endless.

Do we buy the house Phil and I live in now here in Lawrence? Or do we find something that doesn’t need so much work (I’m leaning towards the latter).

Do I want to live in Lawrence the rest of my life? Can we have a mountain summer home (this is a VERY important, must have thought right now: damn Kansas summers) and a rest of the year home to enjoy *some* snow and beautiful springs and autumns?

I don’t see myself living in a huge city but I don’t want to live in a small town either (Lawrence seems to be a good size).

California would be awesome but ugh, so expensive. Hopefully, within 5 years, that won’t be an issue.

It’s something to think about, but not something to stress about. Things will happen. Right now, I can only hope it will lead to places where “heat advisories” do not exist.

Kansas, you’re making it difficult

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Note: I wrote this a month ago (at least) and forgot to post it. There have probably been dozens of articles since then that I could add to this list. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. 


Last month, I talked about making your community better. Lifting up and helping others be successful. It’s doable in Lawrence. But Lawrence is in the state of Kansas, and it’s getting harder and harder to live in this state with a clear conscious.

Here’s why:
Kansas Governor Signs Bill Allowing Pharmacists And Doctors To Deny Women Birth Control

Tax-cut legislation will be the end of Kansas as we know it

An Arm and a Leg: Why Tuition Costs Are Out of Control

And there’s a new story every day that is just more and more jaw dropping. At what point do you just say “enough” and start looking for a state to live with supported art, culture, human rights and good education for my future children?!  It Kansas keeps going this way, I certainly can’t see staying.

Memorial Day and Art

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Sometimes NPR is just art: The Day Taps Echoed Through Belgium’s Hills

Related, from last week: 150 Year of Taps

If you have any sort of decent soul, you’ll need a tissue.


This seems like a good post just a couple days before Memorial Day. Let’s remember.

Faith and compassion

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“Every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart. If we could just remember this, I think there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world”

I used to be really into politics. I blame The West Wing. Great show, but rather idealistic. I campaigned locally in 2004 and during the Iowa caucus season in 2008 right after I graduated. I didn’t campaign after my chosen candidate wasn’t nominated as the candidate, but I paid attention. It was kind of an interesting election year (also one of the reasons I actually started using the Twitter account I had set up earlier in the year).

But now? I’m eh. The campaigning is exciting and exhilarating and full of hopes and promises. But, even if your guy wins, they have to go deal with a finicky, crabby, irrational public and egotistical, rich white guys. And I don’t feel we’re progressing as a society. But this is not a post about politics – contrary to what the first 200 words might indicate…

What if we took care of each other? Let’s not assume there are lazy people who just want things handed to them (I know there are some of those people out there, I KNOW, but there are other people that just need a hand) and assume there are people that want the opportunity and just need a little help to get where they’re going. I could work my brain to find the right words but this video gets to the point (and is what got me thinking about this):

I’ve realized in the last few years, I believe EVERYONE would benefit if we help those having a hard time. And this video says that pretty well. We can’t fix the world. But maybe we can just start with those around us.

Have faith we can become better. I think it just needs to start with compassion.


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I just told myself I was going to blog. I was going to hit “new post” and just write. I’ve missed you blog. And I have such grand ideas for you but it would help if I actually wrote words and then hit “publish post”. So I will, no matter how random this post might be.

Sunday was mother’s day, so how about a recent pic of my mom (with my sister).


This was Easter weekend – I was back to help with some stuff for my sister’s wedding (which is in September).  My sister getting married and me being maid of honor means I get to plan events! A wedding shower and bachelorette party, of course! Which means I get to scour my Pinterest food finds (I actually keep them on Delicious since that’s where I started keeping recipes before Pinterest) for delicious looking brunch foods. The bachelorette party planning will be heavily aided by the other bridesmaids as I have never lived in Des Moines as an adult (last summer at home was 2004) and they know my sisters fave places (seeing as they hang out with her more frequently than I do!)

In the crock pot right now is enchilada soup and as it’s super easy and super delicious, I’m way excited for a bowl with Phil on the porch. I’ve decided I should do some Yoga/Pilates/Misc for at least 30 45 minutes to justify the gorging that will happen.

What else? Well, I have not missed advising one iota (what IS an iota anyway?! Wikipedia knows all….) so this last weekend and, really, the past 3 months, I’ve gotten to pretend graduation doesn’t exist. No whiney students, no 6:30am Graduation Sunday work time. I miss my former coworkers like crazy but that’s what happy hour is for!

Most of what I could talk about is Philsquare. Our new website, the library’s new website, this awesome website and tons more. My job is talk about them, promote them, tweet them and get people to talk, promote and tweet them. I can tell what I’m doing is getting good traffic to the site but I think we need to take a few more steps to increase the inquiries. Keep the websites coming 🙂

Maybe I’ll try to just sit down a blog vomit everyday, even if it’s random. I miss it and I think we all know there’s tons of things I have an opinion on (gay marriage and what “marriage” means just to name one).

 Have a delightful Tuesday evening!