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I tried, my friends. I really tried. But when a photo of the royal wedding couple appeared on my home page today, I had to look at pictures and video of the wedding. I loved Princess Catherine’s dress. I loved that her and Prince William (and her father) chatted while they waited for the music to end at the end of the procession, before the ceremony began at the alter. They looked comfortable and relaxed. With millions of people watching, you think it’d be nerve wracking. Maybe they’re just used to it.

Being a bridesmaid blog, I should probably comment on the Maid of Honor’s WHITE dress. Yahoo’s gossip area thought Pippa was the hottest bridesmaid ever. She looked great (but holy cow skinny) but again, she was wearing a white dress. No one but the bride is supposed to wear white, right? And Pippa was the only adult bridesmaid. All the other “bridesmaids” were under the age of 10. I would consider them more junior bridesmaids or even flower girls, but I guess that’s where British and American customs differ. At first I thought, well Kate is going to be a princess, she can do whatever she wants but Princess Diana’s wedding party was similar.

Lady Diana Spencer proceeds down the aisle of St Paul's Cathedral on the arm of her father, John Spencer, 1981. Getty Images / Fox Photos / Hulton Archive

White bridesmaid dresses and younger than the bride bridesmaids. I can’t find anything but it might just be a practice of the Royal family.

I’m going to get work done today. I really am. But one last comment; it wouldn’t be a bridesmaid blog if I didn’t have *some* comment on what the bride was wearing: Kate’s dress was gorgeous. I thought it would be something totally modern and it was in a way but still totally classic-looking, I think. (Clearly, I know stuff about fashion. Ha. Maybe I can convince my friend Ashlee to write a review…)


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  1. Kate’s dress was amazing. Wedding was so much better than I thought it would be. I’m not sure why people are complaining it wasn’t “modern” enough – I thought it was perfect. Look at the situation she’s in!


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