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NewlyMaid: Never again hear (or say!) the words “you can make it shorter and wear it again!”

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Hello fellow Sassy Bridesmaids!

I present you with the most genius idea so far in 2011: NewlyMaid.


Instead of stashing bridesmaid dresses and vowing to alter them drastically so you can “wear it again”, use it as credit for a NEW dress!

How it works (from their website):

1.Select an old bridesmaid dress that you won’t ever wear again.

2. Mail your old bridesmaid dress to NewlyMaid.

3. Unlock special pricing for the purchase of a NewlyMaid dress.

4. Purchase your enw Little Black Dress, perfect for any occasion.

The best thing about this is that you’re truly reusing and recycling. NewlyMaid either recycles the dress into new yarn for the creation of new dresses or the dresses are donated to “organizations that can distribute them to people in need around the globe”. Nothing is wasted!

Right now, you can order a free mailer so you ship your dress for free. This is a limited time offer they have for their grand opening so start collecting those dresses!

I only have one dress that I know I will never wear (or alter to wear) again and plan on sending in. I have three identical dresses in different colors (that blog post is in the works) that I plan to wear again. (Seriously. I am. It has pockets. You don’t let dresses like that go.)


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  1. A dress with pockets is a thing of beauty and utility. Definitely a keeper!


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