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Happy Friday!

I attended a really gorgeous wedding here in Lawrence last weekend. I wasn’t a bridesmaid but I was excited that I had a hand in helping pick the venue they went with for their wedding. The ceremony and reception were in the Lawrence Visitors’ Center which was originally a train station. It’s a really unique building perfect for a low-key and casual wedding and/or reception. Trains still run very close to the building but the glass is pretty thick so trains going by aren’t at all disturbing. Just adds to the charm! Where is the most unique place you’ve ever attended a wedding or reception?

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The internet has tons of tools for sharing and colloborating and while I was originally going to do a Friday post of fun links, I thought it would be more useful to keep these in one place. Delicious is a great online bookmarking tool and you can classify different pages and things you save with “tags” (much like Facebook tags). The fun way WE can use it is to share funny, fun or silly bridesmaid wedding stories or information. Just tag anything with “sassybridesmaid” (one word) and it will show up on the tag page on Delicious. I’m still tinkering with the WordPress setting but hope to have it show up in the right column to go with all the tweets using #sassybridesmaid.

One more sharing note: do you have a blog post you’ve written about your bridesmaid/wedding experience you’d like to share? I will try and link to a couple every week. If you haven’t written anything about your most hilarious bridesmaid/wedding story but would like to share, I would love some contributors on this blog!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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