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The Tale of Three Dresses

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This, ladies and gentleman, is a tale of three (very) similar dresses and three different weddings. I was the the ONLY common factor at all these weddings and I also happened to be a bridesmaid in each one. They were just far enough apart that by the time pictures from the first wedding were posted on Facebook, the bride for the next wedding I was going to be in was picking out bridesmaid dresses. And you know, this dress is cute and fun and can totally be worn again. (I seriously say this with zero sarcasm.) When this wedding was done, the bride for the next wedding I a part of was picking out bridesmaids dresses. How could she resist a short, fun dress with pockets?! She couldn’t, so I know own 3 of the same dress in different colors.

Here they are:

July 2009

May 2010

October 2010

Know any crazy bridesmaid dress stories? Please share!


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  1. I still have to laugh even though you told me this story at our #KCBlog meeting – too funny!


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