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The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid

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You know you’re in weddings a lot when people think of you after they see “27 Dresses” or they send you articles about “The high cost of being a bridesmaid”.

I’ve been lucky and haven’t had to spend a whole lot on the weddings I’ve been in. Most of the dresses were paid for (LOVE that) and the farthest I had to drive was to Des Moines (about 4 hours), which is my hometown. My mom picked me up when it was over (no taxi fare!) and I stayed at her house for the weekend (Thanks Mom!)

I will never, never spend $1,200 on a dress and no one should expect any bridesmaids to either. If a bride simply MUST have a $1,200 dress (may I never be your friend) it should be the responsibility of the people paying for the wedding (the bride and groom themselves or mommy- and daddy-dearest).

The only thing I wish I could have done differently was spend more on a gift (especially when the dress was purchased for me) but in the end, I don’t think my friends (and their new husbands) will remember that I only spent $30 on the gift. I hope they’ll remember that I was there!


Have you ever spent too much on being a bridesmaid? Do you think I’m wrong? Should bridesmaids be expected to drop a lot of cash when they are part of a wedding? Is this something that should be discussed up front? Does it depend on the friend?


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