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Just keep swimming, part 2

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Somehow, we convinced someone else to blog with us: Check out Thrivlihood! Apparently, the Universe was giving her peer pressure signs.

And Briana’s A Touch of Pink Blog. By the time this posts (what? No, of course I don’t schedule blog entries!) the original Just Keep Swimming entry will be updated with everyone I know participating.

My friend Megan (who will be living in Japan for just one more month and then returns to Lawrence!) will be blogging at Megan’s Mind.




Motivation for the day: What’s stopping you? You don’t know what to write about or you don’t have a theme? Who cares! One thing doesn’t define who you are. You can’t say something wrong on your own blog. (Well, you can, but it’s YOUR blog!) I think there are at least two of you I’m talking to… no excuses! 


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  1. Ouch! I think I know who that last sentence was directed toward! I promise, I’ll get there. I’m more motivated to have a soapbox of my very own after events of last night…

  2. Yes, the universe wasn’t messing around 🙂


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