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PBtrip: plans vs. taking the road less traveled

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We had a general plan of action for our trip last week. Omaha Friday night, then to Black Hills area for a few days, then to Yellowstone for a few days, then down to Colorado for a couple days, then home. Things change when your drive 2,760 (ish) miles in and out of several mountain ranges.

Day one started out with a detour because of the Missouri river flooding affecting Interstate 29.

Half way into the week, we knew we wouldn’t have the time or energy for a couple days into Colorado with everything there was to do in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Colorado could wait for another trip.


Being totally spontaneous was a bit of a struggle for me. In no way did I want every. single. part of the trip planned down to the last minute but I’m a planner and wanted the most out of the trip. I had to learn to be a bit flexible. Advice #1 for a road trip (and your first vacation) with your boyfriend: make sure you talk about what you want to do. Then be flexible and compromise so both are satisfied.


Our planned route (you’ll have to zoom out of the map a bit to see the whole thing, Google does not cooperate well):

What actually happened:


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