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Wine and Love v1

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Wine and Love was started (from what I can tell) by Nora. She’s on V.19 this week and I’ve just started!)

Wine #1: Getting back from vacation is rough. Getting back and finding out your favorite coworker (and friend whose wedding you’ve been in) has accepted another job is rougher.

Love#1: I am really happy for her. We all deserve to be paid more than what we are and I know the position is better paid. I know she’ll kick some butt over there 🙂

Wine #2: Did I mention coming back from vacation was rough? And it’s hot and humid which is a horrible, unwanted contrast to the mountain air from last week. Seriously looking forward to the summer we decide to live in Wyoming/Montana during the summer months. So, I’m exhausted this week from the vacation hangover, horribly hot weather  and just thinking about all the stuff I have to do before we move in nine days.

Love #2: Phil and I had a lot of people tell us last night at the Lawrence Tweetup(#ltwup)/ Blog KC event that they enjoyed following our trip. We’re glad people were reading!

Love#3 I like that I have more loves than wines. I’m an optimist!

Love #4 The next month will rock. This morning, I got to chat with my friend Megan who is moving back to Lawrence next month (just under three weeks!) She’s been living in Japan with her boyfriend, fiance, now husband, Nathan. I’m so excited to have them back in Kansas! As much as packing is a pain, I’m VERY excited for my next move: with Phil!


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  1. Love this Wine and Love list. I’m going to have to try it myself. Aaannnndddd I love when you mention me in your blogs. 🙂


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