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Why I’m Really Bad At Being an Adult, otherwise titled Worst Monday Ever

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If you were in Lawrence about 8:15 this morning, it’s possible that you heard that thunder that sounded like firecrackers being set-off right behind your head? If you were on the KU campus, you could have seen me, with my wrap cardigan over my head, jump out of my skin when the thunder struck. I continued scurrying to my office, sans umbrella, cursing the very young morning.

I had already stood in the rain for a few minutes this morning filling my deflating tire with air. I should have gone to the auto-maintenance place to get the tire patched (two air fills in 8 days – there’s a slow leak there somewhere) but this seemed incredibly daunting this morning. I had already brushed and washed my teeth with water out of a gallon jug because we have no water at our house. I showered last night (after a day of traveling and two softball games) at friends’ house at 11pm (MANY thanks to them!)

I made it to my office (after the rain shower became POURING) and called the City to ask where the hell my water was (at this point in the day, I was more civilized then most people would have been).

When I requested water at the new place at the beginning of August, they wouldn’t start that process until I made a payment for services I owed at my last place (this was back in July). I made the payment the very next day IN PERSON and told the guy who accepted my payment that Amy (who had emailed me about outstanding balance) needed to know I made this payment to continue processing my request to transfer service. He left for a moment, came back and said everything was taken care of.

GUESS NOT! Because the water was shut off on FRIDAY (we were out of town all weekend!) I shall grumble about bureaucracy and curse myself for working in a place that also stews with the horrors of bureaucracy (including heaping helpings of inefficiencies and incompetencies). Can I crawl back into bed, please?

I hate joining the crowd and complaining about Mondays, but this one can shove it.


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  1. Did you realize that there was a full moon last night? I firmly believe in that affecting life and when combined with a time of year full of change…and very unpredictable and unseasonable weather….it is bound to mess us up….so much so, that I also have a post half written (as so very many of mine are destined to be) about the day that was yesterday…the misery that was that day…and how very badly I wanted to have it be over. 🙂

    Go to Westside 66 they will fix your tire up right….and you will be pleased. It doesn’t take that long. 🙂

    • Jenn, I’ve never noticed crazy things happening around a full moon but that could be it! You’ll get the post finished – usually strong/angsty emotions are easier to get into a blog post. Easier to rant that way 🙂


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