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Things I Don’t Get: Mostly landlords and other idiocy

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I. Downtown Lawrence landlords who don’t work with struggling businesses on their rent. I’m not a business major but wouldn’t it be easier to work with A CURRENT tenant than try to find a new one in this economy? Lawrence hasn’t suffered TOO horribly in the last few years but why not work with businesses to keep downtown Lawrence in business? When half the store fronts are empty, will it still make sense to charge what they’re charging?

II. Landlords in general (especially those in the student ghetto or that have individual family homes) should do more to take care of their property, especially outside. College students and renters may not care, but neighbors will care if shrubbery is overgrown, weeds are out of control and there are six inches of leaves built up around the house. Maybe neighbors will be a little more accepting of the college crowd if the house looks nice? (They can still call the police for noise if they want). But overall, WHY charge someone less in rent because they’re not college students and then not use the previous renter’s deposit (because you KNOW they didn’t give it all back!) to make the house better for the new residents that you want to make happy and you want to stay forever?!

III. And this, no comment needed:!/debjohanning/status/103949192036225024

Eh, logic. Who needs it.

This will probably be a weekly (?) post. Because things are ridiculous and people are stupid. (And somehow, the roman numerals make it feel fancy, non?)


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  1. Cosign on all things related to renting/terrible landlords/ridiculous people.

  2. LOL. How did I miss this?! I’m so behind on blogs. I could say so much about landlords. Thankfully I no longer have to deal with them, anywhere.

    Thank you for including my LinkedIn rant.


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