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Things I Don’t Get or, preferring a raise to ice cream.

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Dear Govenor Brownback,

I earned my undergraduate degrees at KU and now serve the state by working as an advisor for my alma mater.  I started at KU the month before state employees* got their last raise. I’ve never received a raise in the three years and two months I’ve been employed by the state. My salary barely pays for the minimum student loan payments I must make.

On Friday, you plan to spend approximately $10,000 to give 2,000 state employees ice cream and cookies?! Now, I LOVE ice cream and cookies (and any other sweet, really) but how do you expect us to respond to this?

Well, gosh sir, ICE CREAM?! We can’t afford to pay our own bills so it sure is swell of ya to give us a cold treat**!

I will be passing on the ice cream, sir, but I would accept the same salary as my colleagues in Business and Journalism make. That is, if I’m still working in this awful job next year.

Without affection,

One of your state employees.

*The state employees I refer to who have not received raises are actually just the CLAS advisors whose workload has probably doubled in the last three years. Many other schools faculty and staff HAVE received raises; it’s not like this is a secret, state employees’ salary is PUBLIC INFORMATION: Pay freeze my ass. 

** In next week’s post, “Things I Don’t Get” will cover how it’s okay to spend extra money giving people sugar BUT FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T PROVIDE ADDITIONAL RESOURCES TO EDUCATE PEOPLE!


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