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Some things take practice, I guess. (Annoying right?!)

Making homemade pizza crust may be one of those things. I had several suggestions (via The Twitters) but making pizza crust involves yeast. Which, if you think about it, is just plain weird. It’s this growing, evolving creature that grows faster with warm water and in warm, dark temperatures. (Sounds like those out of control, why can’t I stop thinking emotions or something, right?!)

I was also battling the adventures of a new pizza stone. (Who has a pizza stone for years and doesn’t use it?! My boyfriend, of course.) He didn’t have the instructions and we knew you had to heat it up and put something on it. The internet said put it in the cold oven and turn the oven on to 400 degrees. Okay. Done.

Problem was your supposed to make the dough (which ended up having twice as much flour as the recipe called for because it was so sticky) wasn’t going to easily slide off the cutting board or a cookie sheet onto the pizza stone. So, with the pizza dough mostly rolled out (please add rolling pin to my birthday/christmas/registry for ANYTHING list because I used a glass to roll out the dough) I shifted it quickly to the hot pizza stone and then added the toppings. We used regular tomato sauce (it was gluten free, I don’t know why), italian sausage, pepperonis and green peppers and red onion from the farmers market.*

The toppings ended up saving the pizza because (and someone only remembered this AFTER the pizza baked) the crust wasn’t cooked quite all the way since you usually have to cook the crust for a bit without the toppings. Or ya know, maybe the pizza stone wasn’t hot enough. I JUST DO NOT KNOW.

Actual quote: “why do we DO this? Why don’t we just BUY dough”.

I might actually try again but it may be in a few weeks. On a weekend. When I’m feeling a bit better (today was a sick day).

On the upside, there are actually no pictures OF the pizza because the last slice was just taken by the 15 year old in the house. I’d say that’s a success. Except, don’t teenagers eat anything?!

*I win the “if you live in Lawrence you MUST blog about your fresh, ripe, delicious, gorgeous, heavenly farmers market vegetables/fruits/items/etc” points. That’s a thing right?!


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  1. On pizza: buy the packaged crust that you mix with water. It’s somewhere between homemade and a full-on fake crust that’s already made.

    And I also have had a pizza stone for years that has never been used- shocking, actually, given how frequently we make pizza. I most likely have also lost the instructions. Phil’s not alone!

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