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Not making things from scratch IS OKAY! Seriously!

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Last week, Debbi posted a comment on my blog about the pizza dough situation*:

Pizza dough might not be my thing! Why do we have to cook EVERYTHING from scratch? We don’t, there’s just this expectation that to be a serious adult you have to make things from scratch. Even if you work 50-60 hours a week.

I’m going to try and remember that I don’t have to make and bake EVERYTHING from scratch. Last night, I actually used crusts Phil and I bought at the farmer’s market on Saturday. We were supporting local  and it was easy-peasy making pizza since we had necessary ingredients (which was very appreciated since I was exhausted from the party happenings and weekend guests and softball – I had zero energy). Tonight I plan on grilling/baking some frozen fish (with some delicious sounding seasoning) but using farmers market purchased potatoes as a side. Still totally acceptable, right?

This topic (homemade vs. store/market purchased) reminds me of a “My Drunk Kitchen” episode -which also happens to be my favorite:

In particular this part, which you can also have on a t-shirt (want):

I’ll still make chocolate chip cookies from scratch but I’m not going to be an expert baker. I’m just not. ONE of these days I’ll make them as well as my Grandma Sue does. Maaaaybe.

*Yes, I referred to making pizza as a SITUATION.


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  1. I 100% agree that not everything needs to be made from scratch. Who the heck has time to do all that?! If your big diet crime is making pizza dough from a box – I think you’re doing just fine. Though, it’s funny that pizza dough is what brought this on because pizza dough is one of my FAVORITE things to make from scratch. I always make a double batch so I have some in the freezer.

    • I think I just haven’t figured it out yet. This one was super sticky. Maybe it’s because I used some wheat flour? Maybe I didn’t knead it long enough? I’ll try it again.
      I was just particularly aggravated about this last week!

  2. I use the packaged pizza dough that you add water to. I am way too scared to try making pizza dough from scratch. : (

  3. Yes, Denise! That’s the stuff I use and it turns out fine!

    I NEED that T-shirt. My family and friends (and husband) have somehow decided that because I don’t LIKE to cook, it must mean I can’t. Not true. I can cook just fine, I just prefer to spend my limited amounts of time on things I actually enjoy!

  4. If watching My Drunk Kitchen episodes over and over again is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


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