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adults/parents aren’t always right: how to hold a bat

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Since 2007, I’ve played on a softball team in the Lawrence city co-ed adult* softball league. I get to be catcher because I don’t trust myself with making actual plays in the field. I can hit the ball – there’s the occasional whiff – but I’m not good (by city league standards). I played two years when I was a kid from the ages of 8 to 10 or so. But it’s a co-ed city softball league and it’s fun to get out of the house – even when it’s one hundred degrees – and play in the dirt.

My dad (and probably coach) always told me to choke up on the bat when I swung. I’m not tall (kind of short) and I’m sure the bats were a bit bigger than what I should have been using. For the past four years playing, the bat has seemed large to me – holding the bat higher meant I had more control. Like, this is a men’s bat and I’m not very strong so I should continue to choke up on the bat, right?! 

Apparently not. We had some time for some batting practice before our games yesterday and someone on the team asked if I always held that bat so high. “Um, yeah” I replied. She said it might be affecting how much power gets through my swing.

O rly?

Um, she was totally right. I had a couple great hits over our two games Sunday which was marred (in my perspective of the day) by some childish behavior.

I may be jinxing myself with this, but it’s just softball so I’ll survive if this isn’t a lasting thing.

*I use adult lightly. Surprising what babies some grown (?)  adults act like when not winning. It’s just a game.


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