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My blog isn’t about anything in particular.

Sure, it’s about me, a Sassy Bridesmaid, but I made the decision a few months ago to NOT post exclusively about weddings and everything bridesmaid-related. So, Sassy Bridesmaid is more about, um, a state of mind or being (or something…;)

I have friends or follow blogs that do all food blogs or all book blogs or all something-with-an-actual-focus-blog. I’m clearly not that focused in life. But I thought I could share what I’ve read or a new recipe I’ve tried or a new blog I have found to be a MUST read. Maybe you’ll find something you’ll want to try?


  • Bitter is the New Black: My friend and former co-worker (wah-wah) Denise is a crazy reader. She’s read over 100 books this year already! I needed a book or two for Phil and I’s trip back in July. I ended up spending maybe five minutes reading and just got around to finishing a few weeks ago (mid-August). Light, funny read. A memoir about a 20-something girl in the beginning of the 2000s – If I had met her in real life at the beginning of the book I totally would have smacked her.  But the writing was funny and ya know, she did pull her head out of her you-know-what by the end.
  • Anna and the French Kiss: Denise just handed me this book to read. It’s a YA romance book but the characters weren’t awful. They were flawed (not in the way they were written, just the characters themselves) and they were funny and I wanted to hang out with them. (Or maybe I just wanted to hang out with them because they were in Paris… I’m not sure.) I’ve been trying to read more and this one got me going, for sure. A light, easy read for those with the literary sweet tooth 🙂

FOOD (Ingredients/Recipes)

  • Onions and green peppers are pretty much the standard “what to buy” for me at the farmers market. We will put onion and green peppers in anything we make. And they smell SO GOOD fresh from the market.
  • Breads: Cheddar Jalapeno Ale bread from farmers market was not as good as Phil and I expected. Sweeter than we thought it would be. Probably won’t get again. I’ve had some tasty blueberry lemon bread/tart thing that was delicious. (Maybe I’ll remember to photograph where I get these things from!)
  • Ice cream (from stand at Cottin’s market on Thursday): Chocolate-Peanut Butter. The 2 ingredients of the heavens. Why can’t you buy this combo in stores?! WHY?!!?
  • Cheesy squash recipe (squash from farmers market): Um, made this for friends/family in town Saturday and it didn’t get done until AFTER we ate (whoops, I forget how quick it is to grill and didn’t plan). Went to warm it up (and cookit some more – not sure the squash was done all the way) and LEFT IT IN THE MICROWAVE OVER NIGHT. RUINED, YES?! UGH. All that delicious havarti WASTED!

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  1. Ann is one of my favorites! Steph P. has a new book coming out on the 29th and it’s a companion novel to Anna – called Lola and the Boy Next Door. I can’t wait to read it. And she’s coming to the Austin Teen Book Fest. on the 1st so I totally plan to stalk her.

  2. Target sells chocolate-peanut butter ice cream! It’s one of my faves!


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