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Did you see that crazy blogging streak I had mid-September? And then… nothing.

I saw an inspirational picture recently, probably on Pinterest (because, really, who can stay away once you’ve submitted to the beast that is Pinterest?!) It was about running, but I think it can also be applied to blogging (or ya know, any goals you have):

“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”

I got in the habit of blogging back in mid-September and I was all “I’m going to have the highest blog hits ever this month if I stay on track. Highest was July because I was all, I’m going to blog every day. I didn’t, but I still blogged more than normal and had over 450 blog views. In September I had 330 some odd views.

Why am I talking about this? Because, if I’m going to do something, even if it seems mundane and pointless; I don’t think blogging is those things but if I”m going to do, why not commit? Sometimes it helps to just talk about it with someone else and get a little bit more motivation so you can develop that habit. Sometimes it’s nice to hear “it doesn’t have to be a long, epic, well thought out post” (ie this post), and “you don’t always have to post REALLY profound things”. Sometimes you just need to say hey and this is what’s up.


So hi! Two things I’m thinking about right now:

1. I’m trying to prepare for the Girl Scout troop meeting tonight. I hate planning everything for them (it should be more troop-led) but the girls aren’t there yet. I have to give the the resources and opportunity to do that. And that takes a whole lot of freaking prep work. Also, it’s almost time for cookies. Stay tuned!

2. I need a weekend (last weekend I was sick and the weekend before was in Des Moines with the family). I need a fun weekend. So does Phil. So we’re going to the Ren Fest on Saturday with some friends. And I don’t know what else we’ll do. But it’ll involve fun. IT HAS TO.


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