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Wish me luck! and other Friday musings

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Ahh. Friday.

I feel like writing but I don’t have anything specific to blog about. I don’t feel that I have enough focus or time or whatever to concentrate on one topic. So I hate to say this post isn’t worth your time, but who knows what a few minutes of typing vomit will produce.

October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month according to PetFinder. I should really just ban from any internet browsers I have access to. Getting a dog right now is just not the smartest idea. In the spring, MAYBE. Plus, I should probably talk about it with this guy, or something. It’s not like we live together or anything. Oh wait…

Speaking of animals, you can’t go wrong with baby animals and grammar humor. This is scientifically proven by the number of “repins” I received from this pin alone.

As October moves swiftly along, I must consider National Blog Posting Month for November, ie blogging every day for a month. Anyone else planning to join? I didn’t do a great job in July, there really was just TOO much going on and something had to go. I’d like to think I’ve got the time but I really don’t. But I think I should MAKE the time. I do love blogging. And I am rather fond of the adorable typewriter icon with wings:

I am trying not to think too much about tomorrow night: overnight with the Girl Scout troop. We’re starting out in a cabin and not jumping straight into tent camping but it’ll still be a challenge. The longest I’ve spent with them (including car time) was 6 or 7 hours (trip to KC Zoo at the beginning of the month). This will be a whopping 18 hours. **hold me** We won’t be able to do a campfire as we are under a burn ban right now. This fire-fiend of a girl scout is disappointed.  I’m sure I’ll have a few tales to share on Sunday. After I catch up on rest, of course: the girls have already requested a 3am bedtime which was after I told them, no, they could not stay up all night.

I’m sure this will go fiiiine.


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