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“I ought to say ‘no no no’ “

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Did you know you can listen to a Glee radio station on Pandora? It includes music from the show as well as its many original inspirations: Disney songs, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, and, of course, Journey.

It’s pretty much 100% fantastic. At least 2 other advisors in my office listen to it while catching up on e-mail, paperwork, etc.

It seemed like a great choice for a Friday afternoon of catch-up. And then it became a terrible, terrible gateway drug.

What horrible inspiration could a silly, musical television show give me?

Christmas music.

And while it is silly to start listening to Christmas music a full TWO MONTHS before the actual holiday, I found myself glancing at the calendar. There are only three more full days of October. Which means just over a week until my birthday and then we’re really in the full-swing of the holidays (which is what makes blogging every day in November a fun/crazy endeavor).

And people, I really really really love Christmas music. So I listened to the rest of Glee’s version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” while convincing myself that punching the R&B/Pop Holiday radio station I have set up on Pandora is a bad idea. The All I Want For Christmas station is probably a bad idea, too. As is Walkin’ In A Winter Wonderland Radio station.*

Or is it?

*I’m surprised, actually, I didn’t have a country specific radio station, too.


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