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Halloween Advice

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1. Walk to and from work so you don’t feel guilty eating as much candy as you (I) inevitably will. (2 miles round trip.)

2. Know when the trick-or-treating starts. I was thinking dark (7:30ish) but since downtown trick-or-treating started at 5/5:30 people just went home and started trick or treating (6:30).

3. Buy your candy BEFORE the evening of Halloween. The main display at Checkers was empty besides M&Ms and some rope thing. Kisses and rolos were the only packaged candy left in the candy aisle. (It really didn’t matter since, ya know, we started too late and had 3 groups of kids/teens come).

Next year, our screened-in porch is going to be a haunted delight. I already have visions.

Pumpkins carved last year. Phil takes great pictures.


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  1. You got us started again. Awesome. Thank you! (and great jack-o-lantern pic too!)


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