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November is my favorite

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Reasons why November is the most superior of all months:

1. Birthday month

2. National Blog Posting Month

3. Thanksgiving

4. Holiday season begins!

5. Fall, duh (though, it’d definitely been feeling a bit more brisk than just a fall chill.

6. And specifically to this year: November means October is over. I was sick and stressed and work was busy and more annoying than ever. New month, new start.

Does this really count as a blog entry? I guess…

I need to be able to write in the morning when my ideas are racing. Not after 8 hours of appointments/meetings and then 2 hours of a Girl Scout troop meeting. One of their teachers stopped by the library where we were meeting and after about 20 seconds said “do you girls always have this much energy in the evening?!” Just for me I guess! After relaying that information to one of the moms later, she said “you just bring out the best in them”. If their best is making my dehydration headache go from mild to “HOLY COW WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING” than I can’t handle them at their worse.

9:30 bedtime? Only if a massage is involved. Pilates is helping my core but NOT my neck muscles – they’re so weak.

Signing off from NaBloPoMo 2011 Day 3 – Bailey


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