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How lame is it to talk about bills on a Friday? For the past three and a half years (since I’ve been at this job) I’ve been bringing in money and paying bills but it hasn’t been enough. And that just sucks. A lot. Ended up having ridiculous dental bills. And insurance took care of a lot of it (thank you insurance) but there’s still that payment taking up a huge percentage of my income every month. Had to take on a new (ish) car payment last year. My family came through and my payment is low (they didn’t GIVE me money, they loaned it me but that makes the repayment schedule a lot more flexible when your family loves you). But that still didn’t mean I could afford all my payments. Because I couldn’t. Something always got behind. And I hate those calls or the “we’re going to shut off your water” notices. A lot of people get there.

And right now I’m truly thankful that I’ve been able to earn extra money. It’s not easy working 1o-15 hours extra a week on top of your full-time job (especially when your full-time job is soul-sucking) but it is nice to realize the extra work is worth it. I LOVE being a part of Phil’s company. I love updating websites and working on newsletters and customer emails. I know this is what I want to do. And the extra income has really gotten me back on track. I’m not getting annoying phone calls from the credit card company. I’m not earning those awful overdraft fees (those are killer).

I WILL be paying off my dental bill within three months; I am on track to pay off my monster “I was a dumb college kid” credit card within a year (sooner when KU pays out my vacation time); my smaller one-semester loan is dwindling and if I start making bigger payments, it will be a gonner soon.

That feels good. I might even start saving money soon.


Hello, my name is Bailey and I’m kind of a grown-up now.


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  1. i am still in student loan crappy payment place, and doing more schooling is only adding piles onto the whole dang thing! boo. kind of stinks being an adult sometime but its also fun to grow up and see things getting better. very cool you get to help with Phils company, i hear its a good one!

    • I feel very accomplished getting rid of a few payments/debts. My 2 bigger student loans will be around FOOORRR – EEEEVVVV- EERRRR because I was an out of state student so I’m just trying to clean out the other ones!


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