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Red Birthday Shoes

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Sunday (my birthday) morning, my dear boyfriend needed to run errands. IE he needed to go buy my birthday present. Except he didn’t really know what to get me.

So, I got to pick. And not being at all a stereotypical woman, I picked shoes. Duh.


Except, they were Toms, so we were actually helping someone else, too. Win! Red is my color and fall/winter is a great time to wear red stuff (I think) so I’m on a kick of buying everything in red. So far, a scarf and now these shoes. I need a cozy new sweater, too. It’ll definitely be red.


More birthday updates to come. Mine, and Philsquare’s. 🙂




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  1. Awesome shoes! I really want some TOMS, but I don’t think there’s anywhere in New Zealand that sells them, and they’d be ridiculously expensive to order online. 😦

  2. Love love love TOMS! Actually, just love shoes in general for that matter – except sandals worn with socks – but who is the criminal in that relationship? The sandals or the socks??


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