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Birthday Weekend Part #1

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I feel I do a terrible job blogging about what I do every day. I’m either sharing hilarious internet things or getting all deep and philosophical. I complain enough about my full-time job on Twitter and rarely have enough energy to compose a coherent thought that isn’t full of expletives about my the awful undergraduates I deal with on a daily basis, my boss or the University itself. One day, I’ll compose something intelligent. But I feel that day may come some time after I leave.

But my birthday: that’s something to blog about right? We were celebrating Philsquare’s birthday on Saturday and hit the town that night with some friends and a good time in mind. We didn’t close the bars down (which is tricky on the Saturday night/Sunday morning when clocks fall back an hour but we had a good time doing a little bar hopping.

So Sunday, I was planning to sleep in. It was my birthday and I like to sleep, dammit. My Mom called at one point that morning. I looked at the phone and said “No, Mom” and put the phone back down. She’d understand, it was my birthday and I could sleep if I wanted to. (I called her back later, of course!)

I got up and showered and Phil and I went downtown for Wheatfields quiche. It’s worth it alone for the crust but then the filling (just order whichever variety they offer when you go, it will al be delicious) just makes it amazing. It was a bright warm for November sunny day so we took our breakfast and iced lattes outside. It was a perfect afternoon to watch the church/family and “interesting Lawrence character” population at the 9th and Vermont intersection. We talked about Lawrence. We’ve loved our time here but at some point in another couple of years we want to go somewhere else, experience something new. I don’t think I could do a winter in Wyoming (I love snow but I don’t think I love snow that much) but would love to spend summers there.

I decided I wanted some birthday shoes (and Phil just wanted me to pick out something so he could buy me what I wanted) so we went to Shark’s for some birthday Toms. Phil got a pretty awesome green/orange pair of shoes.

We stopped back by the house (Phil was finally updating his iPhone) and headed to Olathe for a movie. (From our new place, it takes us 25 minutes to get to 119th Street. That is awesome.) We saw “In Time” which I didn’t think was even out anymore and who doesn’t love Justin Timberlake?! (In all seriousness, good actor. I forgot I was watching Justin Timberlake and was really into the story.)

Texas Roadhouse by the theatre reminded me I don’t get steak enough so we headed there for dinner. But there were a billion people in the lobby so we headed to Granite City. And it was an excellent decision just for our appetizer: delicious, amazing mussels.

We headed back to Lawrence and I read a bit before bed. Despite (or because of?) the time change and despite sleeping until 11, I was exhausted and wasn’t up too late. The 27th birthday was pretty chill which is just how I wanted it.


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