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Sports are fun. Games are entertaining. It’s awesome to have that one team you root for and party in the street when they win the National Championship (for example).

But if you’re acting like an ass. I mean, when you’re that guy, screaming obscenities or making what you (and that odd ball I know from that other office) think are jokes, you’re taking it too far. You’re also letting “a game” or the love for a team go too far if you’re supporting a coach who let child rape happen in his locker room.

I’ve been known to tell people to shut-up at games before. Even people supporting the same team I am because,gawd, they’re just SO ANNOYING AND IGNORANT. Yes, it was totally ridiculous that the refs at the KU vs. Baylor football game yesterday were constantly reviewing plays. Especially, since they rarely were in KU’s favor. And yesterday, when the guy a row up and a few people down would NOT stop yelling at the refs and making references to them getting paid to do their job (after the collective groans of the mass of KU fans at the game) I told him to shut up. Not the worst I had heard, but maybe people wouldn’t get SO awful/obnoxious if someone told them they were acting inappropriately and being a jackass (seriously, these people should not think this behavior is okay).

There was also the kid a couple rows back and over who wouldn’t stop yelling “BAYLOR SUCKS” in the fourth quarter. This kid sounded like he was maybe 12 years old. And if a 12 year old thinks it’s okay to ridicule the other team like that, someone taught him that. And it was probably a person similar in nature to the K-State fans who spend MORE time ridiculing and making fun of KU than supporting their own team. (If you’re a K-State fan, chill out. The guy I told to shut up was a KU fan: this rant is about ALL awful sports “fans”, not just the Wildcats.)

Here’s the thing. It’s a game. And yes, it’s fun, as an undergrad to wear a “Muck Fizzou” shirt. Or a “KU Sucks And Swallows” shirt. It’s fun to “hate” the other team. But then you turn 22 and you graduate your little world doesn’t entirely consist of your undergrad world. It consists of the REAL WORD where swearing at people and getting into fight with people because they made fun of your team is wrong and ridiculous. And I’m not saying swearing at the ref is as bad as defending those who defend child rapists, but it certainly is a gateway drug.

So, think about what you gain (and what you say about yourself and your team) when you’re the only one screaming at the refs or Coach Gill or the 19-year-old kid who missed the pass and already feels bad about it. You gain nothing. Except more a-hole points.

I’m a sports fan. I am. Competition is great entertainment. But I have a problem when it becomes more important than justice or education. This post has just scratched the surface of how messed up I think sports/athelete/coach hero-worshipping is in America. 


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