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Econ 101, please

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Say what you will about our economic mess, I want to see “Margin Call”. But first, I feel I need a Econ course refresher (or maybe something more advanced) to truly understand what they’re talking about in this trailer (and probably the whole movie).

I think what has, and continues to irk me about our whole financial system is how much we apparently rely on a calculation. Or how much the Federal Chairman decides interest rates should be based on consumer confidence or blah blah blah. Our “free market” doesn’t seem very free when everything seems to controlled and calculated.

But what do I know? I wasn’t a finance/economics major.


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  1. Hi you will like the movie even if you aren’t market savvy or knowledgeable about financial derivative products. In fact as the film moves forward each higher boss on the food chain specifically asks that the issues be explained in plain language. So you can skip the crash course, and see the film as your are now.



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