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Birthday Weekend: Part 2 (10 days late)

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Last year, a day before my birthday, Phil and I hung out in his bedroom (aka the home office) as he went through the final steps of launching the Philsquare website and his very own business.  “Remember, remember the 5th of November” we later thought remembering this day (thinking of one of our favorite movies, “V for Vendetta”).

Before starting Philsquare, Phil had been working for himself for over three months after leaving his Engineering job but had dedicated some time leading up to the 5th to develop his own site. It only made sense: to get people to hire him to build websites, he needed to showcase his stuff and be a “real” company. And he needed the work. He told me that if he still had his Engineering job, he’d have already bought me a new phone and we’d be going on more fancy dinners. We started dating in the time between him giving his employer two weeks notice and the end of those two weeks. Suffice to say, we spent the first few months of our relationship watching the first four seasons of “Dexter” and episodes of “Scrubs” and making dinner. I definitely didn’t mind it: the one thing Phil wouldn’t sacrifice at the beginning of his self-employment days was his Netflix account and he did have a sweet tv (note: Top Gun in Blue Ray is awesome). And it kind of makes the “fancy” dinners to 715 now a bit more special (not that we’re eating fancy dinners all the time).

The company now employs one full-time developer and keeps a good relationship with a designer/coder to help fill in the holes. And I get paid to manage a few things on the side. Things aren’t gold (yet) but it’s a business and it’s growing. And I’m crazy proud of Phil. And really honored he wants me to be a part of it.

Happy Birthday Philsquare!


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