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Hello December

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Even though I pretty much failed out of National Blog Posting Month (attendance is required and I disappeared the last third of the month) I was still able to get more readers this month then ever. And while I’m not selling anything or making money from ads on my site, I still think that’s pretty cool. Just wish I hadn’t bombed out because I was going pretty great with content during  the first 20 days.

But you know, the holidays arrived in a flash of turkey, black Friday advertising and Christmas music all cut up, blasted about like colorful and tasty and loud and joyous confetti distracting me from blogging or any other “plans” I may have had my week off around Thanksgiving. I still haven’t done all my Christmas decorating. We aren’t getting our Christmas tree until SUNDAY! That leaves just TWENTY legitimate days to enjoy the tree (any tree still up after the 25th just seems sad – maybe I’ll make it into a winter tree…).
The house is slightly disastrous and I have just about 2 hours after I get home until my mom, sister, sister’s fiance and sister’s fiance’s son arrive in Lawrence for the weekend. So I need to tidy up a bunch of STUFF lying about and at the very least SWEEP the main floor, put on fresh sheets on the bed and figure out dinner.

So, off I go. The weekend will be: Lawrence’s Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade, Gingerbread house viewing, yummy dinner and breakfast at Wheatfields, BBQ in KC (for the future brother-in-law), house decorating, trimming of the Christmas tree and a little work (the Philsquare work never stops!).


Have a great weekend everyone! And, of course, Happy Holidays!




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