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Can’t stop me (but you’ll want to): sing-a-long songs

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“All My Loving” (performed by Jim Sturgess) from Across the Universe 

Obviously a Beatles’ original but this version just gets me.

“Someone Like You” Adele

This one works well if you’re on a bit of a drive and have a good stretch of highway to get some crying in while you’re at it.

“Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey

This song reminds me of my first big stretch of weddings in 2009 after college (you know, that one year where 85% of the people you know get married?!) It also reminds me of The Sandbar. And else I’ve belted out this tune with in the car.


Confession time: Last night on my way back to Lawrence after epic-baking showdown 2011, I admittedly was giving my all to Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. But three things about this: 1. I was tired. I was trying to stay awake. And yes, I know all the words but that leads to #2: all the girls in the girl scout troop I lead LOOVE Justin Bieber. At a meeting, they sing “Baby”. In the car, they sing “Baby”. At an event, they sing “Baby”. How could I NOT know all the words? And, #3: Last New Year’s Eve (I think), Phil serenaded me with a version of the song. He replaced “Baby” with “Bailey”. It worked well and was recorded. We really should upload that to YouTube…

What are your must-sing in the car favorites?




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