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Grumpy Day < Happy Day

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Sometimes, I’m just grumpy. I’m sure everyone is. Unless you have sunshine shining out your orifices.  But I don’t think we could be friends then.

Today, I needed just to focus on work and hope I could get to the end of this eight-hour work day on the opposite side of the mood spectrum.

I played my playlist of favorite songs on Grooveshark (includes Lady Gaga’s “You and I”, Bruno Mars “Marry You”, David Gray, Ray LaMontagne); watched a couple episodes of Glee (I’m a multi-tasker so I can work and have this on in the background…or so I tell myself); and chatted with Becca about baby seal break-ins, horrible corporate apology letters, and if P.F. Changs or The Melting Pot would be a better choice for our holiday girls’ night out. Also, this statistic gives me hope for America. I could go on but I might just post Becca and I’s convo about it.

Anyways, feeling better and hope to get some Christmas shopping in tonight. Hope your day has been on the happier side of the emotional spectrum 🙂



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  1. I’m glad I could help your grumpies! I heart The Bailey!


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