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I have this week off from work. I actually got a bit hyper thinking about it after dinner last night. Phil was frightened. So frightened he couldn’t even fend off my attempts to dance in our dining room (as silly as possible, of course). Phil also forgot I was off this week and, though probably kidding, realized he wouldn’t have the easiest time with his secret Christmas gift shopping and wrapping, what with me popping in and out of the house all week.

I deleted the blocks of “WORK” on my Google calendar so I could fill my days with “CHRISTMAS SHOPPING” and “YOGA” and “GIRLS NIGHT”. I’m even taking care of some random things: my first dermatology appointment (EXCITED as heck for that, I might recap later in the week), some Girl Scout troop managing and Christmas Eve/Day meal planning, of course.

Phil and I are staying in Lawrence for Christmas so we’ve got some traditions to create: I’m going to make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning because I love cinnamon rolls and have wanted to try baking my own forever. Later on Christmas, I thing a ham and these cheddar herb biscuits will be the beginning of dinner. (Yes, I found these recipes on Pinterest.)

My friends Becca, Becky and I had a baking extravaganza last weekend (oreo balls, peanut butter cookies and BREADS) but after seeing Jenni’s fabulous sugar cookies (go read her blog!), I don’t think I can go a Christmas without making some cut-out and decorated cookies myself, so add that to the to-do list!

What are your must accomplish tasks and must bake/cook recipes the week of Christmas?

So. Much. Baking


Even non-sweets lovers like Phil love these

Oreo Balls. Even Phil likes these sweet treats.


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