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I was doing some work this evening (and Tweeting of course) and a few of us were talking about hair/makeup/body product reviews and Right before Christmas, I started taking some meds to help with my acne. Six weeks later, I’m pretty excited there haven’t been any major acne areas to pop up for at least two weeks.

Exciting, right? Yes, definitely. But I still have some darker marks on my skin from previous outbreaks. It could be worse, I know, but lack of clearer skin is one of those things that eat away at any self-confidence. And I’d rather not have to wear 2-3 different types of foundation/concealer, etc every day.

So, I ask a few people – what should I use? I got some good help for what products I should look for (I knew ernby would know!) but I also got  a home remedy that I could make with things I didn’t even have to buy. So right now, right now, I look like this:

Thanks to Nicole for the suggestion! Yes, lemon juice and sugar mixed and applied to my face. Let’s just home Mr. Boyfriend stays in the basement in his coding zone until I’m ready to take this off. He already thinks it’s weird that I use lotion. (And that is a whole other story. Or blog.)


Edit: The boyfriend did come up stairs. I was grinning when he walked upstairs and as he got closer he noticed the sugar/lemon scrub on my face and he backed away slowly out of the room. A minute later:

Actual conversation:

Him (from the kitchen): How old is this Sprite?

Me: Two weeks old. Do you want to know what’s on my face?

Him: No.


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  1. Haha! Travis is surprisingly laid back with my products. I think he mostly appreciates my soft smooth skin – and the fact that at 31 I don’t even have the early signs of wrinkles. Boyfriend will thank you when you still look 30 at 50.

    • That is so true.

      I’m sure Phil will get used to it. We’ve adjusted pretty well, but we just moved in together 6 months ago so every so often something comes up like this 🙂


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