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Basketball + St. Patrick’s Day Parade + More Basketball

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Last weekend: So awesome, I can’t even believe it all happened.

Thursday and Friday were full of working + basketball. It worked, don’t question our methods. First round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. March Madness at it’s finest. KU was the last game in  the Thursday/Friday round, tip-off was just before 9pm.

We headed to The Sandbar. We thought we’d see a friend or two but it seemed like everyone had come out of (a very mild winter) hibernation. Or maybe Phil and I had been working too much and it was normal to see this many people on a Friday night.

We drank, ordered food and stalked and stared creepily at people until we were able to secure a few seats at the bar. We had great seats with a great bar staff for a great game. KU handled their opponent and I handled a couple of the bar’s newest drink: The Horny Leprechaun:

It was delicious – I recommend it!

Saturday, I awoke on a windy and mild St. Patrick’s Day and began to assemble a pirate outfit. What do pirates have to do with St. Patrick’s Day? Everything if you get the chance to be on The Sandbar’s St. Patrick’s Day float which this year was an epically large pirate ship:

Isn’t it beautiful?! I think there were at least 30 pirates – and we were not at all crowded:

We warmed up while we lated in line. An hour passed before we even started moving – there were TONS of floats (more than previous year’s I heard). Dancing (and fake sword fights) is a pretty good workout, especially for three hours, but add in trying to stay balance don a moving, bouncing float and holy cow: by the time we reached North Lawrence I wanted to curl up and nap in the bottom of the boat. And the next day my hips felt like I had been dancing in high heels for six hours. But it was SO much fun. Tons of people lined Mass Street and were so excited to see this giant pirate ship with enthusiastic pirates doing the robot or acting like swashbuckling pirates. The Sandbar float was the grand champion of the day, a title they’ve had 3 years running (if I remember correctly).

We crossed back over the river and took 1 last cruise down Mass Street blasting music and dancing. I had grand plans of going home to nap and then going back out in Lawrence to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: I never made it off the couch after my nap.

The next day, our weekend wasn’t over yet: Phil and I were planning on going with our friend Randy to Omaha to catch the next KU tournament game! <insert jumping and squeals of excitement>  I received my vacation payout from KU on Friday (a week earlier than I expected!) and thought it was the perfect way to spend the extra money I had (after I paid off credit card bills, of course).

We arrived in Omaha, picked up our tickets from our sellers on Craigslist and made our way to the arena. Parking was easy AND relatively cheap. We arrived right as the Norfolk State/Florida game started and found some seats (1/2 the place was empty – not many people traveled from Virginia or Florida!) We hoped for a good game: we were rooting for Norfolk State, partly because they made KU fans’ hearts  joyful by beating Missouri (a number two seed) in the first round but also because who doesn’t love the Cinderella story?! (Unless that Cinderella team is playing KU!)

Getting ready to leave for Omaha! Rock Chalk!
(My I ❤ KU t-shirt was worn in 2008 for many tournament games... that's all I'll say...)

KU vs. Purdue. We were mad most of the game - it wasn't going KU's way... KU ended up winning while only leading a total of 45 seconds the entire game.


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