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Kansas, you’re making it difficult

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Note: I wrote this a month ago (at least) and forgot to post it. There have probably been dozens of articles since then that I could add to this list. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. 


Last month, I talked about making your community better. Lifting up and helping others be successful. It’s doable in Lawrence. But Lawrence is in the state of Kansas, and it’s getting harder and harder to live in this state with a clear conscious.

Here’s why:
Kansas Governor Signs Bill Allowing Pharmacists And Doctors To Deny Women Birth Control

Tax-cut legislation will be the end of Kansas as we know it

An Arm and a Leg: Why Tuition Costs Are Out of Control

And there’s a new story every day that is just more and more jaw dropping. At what point do you just say “enough” and start looking for a state to live with supported art, culture, human rights and good education for my future children?!  It Kansas keeps going this way, I certainly can’t see staying.


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