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On the future: daydreaming and where to go

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I said I was daydreaming, right?!

I’ve gotten back to a point in my life (away from the horrid, job-hating oppression of advising) where I have time to daydream. Just a little bit. Back to a place where the possibilities of life are endless.

Do we buy the house Phil and I live in now here in Lawrence? Or do we find something that doesn’t need so much work (I’m leaning towards the latter).

Do I want to live in Lawrence the rest of my life? Can we have a mountain summer home (this is a VERY important, must have thought right now: damn Kansas summers) and a rest of the year home to enjoy *some* snow and beautiful springs and autumns?

I don’t see myself living in a huge city but I don’t want to live in a small town either (Lawrence seems to be a good size).

California would be awesome but ugh, so expensive. Hopefully, within 5 years, that won’t be an issue.

It’s something to think about, but not something to stress about. Things will happen. Right now, I can only hope it will lead to places where “heat advisories” do not exist.


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  1. My comments (which in no way should be taken as gospel, but rather what is referred to as “conventional wisdom”):

    1. If you think you’ll be living in Lawrence for at least five years, then buying a house would likely be a good idea, especially with interest rates the way they are these days.

    2. Not everyone who moves to the coast thinks it’s that great. Read:

    Moving home: The new key to success

    he economy has young people boomeranging back to flyover-country cities to live cheap and chase their dreams

    • Good article – thanks! I see NYC and a lot of the west coast as awesome places to visit but it seems crazy to pay that high cost of living.


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