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Hi, I’m Bailey

There’s a lot here. Did I miss anything? Want to advertise?  Catch me on Twitter (@bailann) or email me (

personal interests:

  • camping
  • blogging (obviously)
  • movies
  • amazing song lyrics
  • dogs
  • cats (See posts with my cat, Emmy. She’s cute, I promise!)
  • yoga
  • reading epic and classic fiction (see Goodreads profile link at right)
  • mountains
  • cool weather
  • KU basketball (Rock Chalk!)


I live in Lawrence, Kansas with my boyfriend Phil. No one could possibly have a better boyfriend. No joke. We’ve been together since 2010 and our current adventure is running the company Phil started in 2010. I have amazing friends. Some I don’t see very often, but they are all the best. I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and came to Kansas in 2003 to attend KU. Most of my family is still in the DM. I’m not sure anyone could have a more supportive group of people to call family.

dream on:

I’d love to spend a year (or five) traveling the world with this guy, getting paid to blog, record and generally document our adventures. I’m hoping  is the beginning of that journey.

blogging history:

Not counting Live Journal, Xanga (which I just looked up, still exists) I’ve been blogging since March 2006 over on Blogger. Transitioned to WordPress sometime in 2011 since it seems to be the grown up blog thing to do. This space (which I moved to in July 2012) began as Sassy Bridesmaid. I honestly didn’t want to be a one topic blog and while I have many bridesmaid-ing adventures yet to come (and will of course blog about them) I didn’t want to commit to that persona. Blogging is so serious!

I blog for the company I work for, Philsquare and blogged for various companies during internships in college.

what I do professionally:

Minus an almost four year stint advising at KU following college, my professional experience revolves around marketing and communications. Currently, I manage social media and advertising for a web development company here in Lawrence: Philsquare. Philsquare develops and designs websites and web applications (I don’t do any of the actual website creation so I can say this: we make amazing stuff).

social media:

A former coworker invited me to this thing called Twitter in February 2008. I joined but didn’t start using it actively until October 2008 when the presidential campaign was at it’s peak. A friend dragged me to a Lawrence Tweetup event (one of the first!) and I was hooked (and, luckily, is where I met Phil). Now I occasionally help plan tweetups. I manage the social media accounts for Philsquare (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Vimeo) and help out with the Tweetup and Lawrence SantaCon social media accounts. See the column at right for links to 9 (nine?!) social media accounts that I use most often. Confession: I really like Google Plus. I wish there were more people using it. Come say hi!

my “about” from a previous blog. I just read it again and liked it well enough to include it here:

I’m full of sass with a pinch of sarcasm. Love for books, movies, fun and laughter. Pursuing a full-time career in bridesmaiding. Born and raised in Iowa, found my new home in Lawrence,Kansas -the best college town around. Clearly, a midwestern girl at heart but with a desire to visit everywhere. Life is good. So I’ll just keep doing what Gloria Vanderbilt told her son, Anderson Cooper: “Follow your Bliss”.

This is me! Sometimes I wear glasses.

Phil and I on our amazing South Dakota+Wyoming trip in 2011. Click picture for more pictures.


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